The Breeder's Data Manager is No Longer Available.

The Breeder's Data Manager was offered by another company for sale until early 2010.  Then the company went out of business.  PedFast Technologies™ has acquired the domain name from the registrar after its expiration.

We would like to offer you a discount for switching from TBDM to our superior product, The Breeder's Standard®.  

PedFast Technologies™ has a program that will convert the dog information in TBDM into a format compatible with The Breeder's Standard®, and will perform this conversion, normally a $40 support charge, for free when you purchase TBS.

For further information, feel free to call us at 1-800-746-9364 or 1-815-806-2130 and press 1.

PedFast Technologies (Formerly Man's Best Friend Software®)